In 2005, David Rubenstein founded Rubenstein Partners in partnership with members of his senior management team from TRCLP. Rubenstein Partners, the Fund manager for Rubenstein Properties Fund, L.P. (the “Fund”), closed its first fund of $475 million in May 2006.

David and the members of senior management of Rubenstein Partners have extensive real estate backgrounds in all key real estate disciplines, including redevelopment and construction, property management, operations and engineering, leasing, asset management, transactions, legal and accounting.

While this depth of real estate expertise is comparable to the most successful vertically-intergrated full-service real estate firms such as its predecessor company, Rubenstein Partners is focused solely on successful investment management of real estate assets. As a result, the Firm typically leverages local operating partners for property management and other day-to-day operational needs under its close supervision and control. However, given the Firm’s in-house talent and background, it does have direct operational day-to-day management capabilities and thus is equipped to directly manage at the property level should the need arise.