Rubenstein Partners is unique as a fund manager due to its heritage as a best in class real estate operator and developer. The Firm utilizes a senior management team with a fully vertically integrated skill set that enables it to add value as both an investor and an operator on its own and through partnership with local operators. Based in Philadelphia, with offices in Boston, New York, Washington, DC and Atlanta, the Firm is committed to partnering with best in class operators in the various targeted submarkets located in the Eastern United States. Partnering with firms with “boots on the ground” allows Rubenstein Partners to compete locally and leverage relationships and understand nuances that are typical of local markets. The Firm’s general approach combines the power of discretionary capital, historical operating experience, vertical integration and collaboration with local partners as a means to delivering maximized returns on investments to its investors.

Finally, the discipline of “intense focus” guides all of the efforts undertaken at the firm on behalf of our partners and investors. This discipline permeates all departments from construction to acquisitions to leasing to asset management to accounting to investor reporting and human resources. The organization’s relentless attention to detail and thorough analysis are core cultural imperatives that have contributed greatly to the senior management’s historic success.