About Salmon River Developers

Belvoir Corporate Center

Salmon River Developers is a joint venture between Broad Street Equities LLC and Ardent Management. The founders of Broad Street Equities LLC, Steven Schmitz, and Ardent Management, Jeff Snow, previously worked together at Whitehall at Goldman, Sachs & Co. Through their joint experiences on development projects at Whitehall, the concept of a partnership was formalized. Together, the principals of the collective firm provide real estate investment solutions, focusing primarily on development and redevelopment opportunities. The Developer’s mission is to provide real estate owners and investors with the highest risk-adjusted, real estate returns on real estate they own or opportunities proposed to them by the joint venture. Salmon River Developers achieves this objective by providing superior expertise and access to acquisition services, capital structures, due diligence, development planning and execution, project management, asset management and exit strategies. The combined knowledge of real estate operations and development, in tandem with their banking expertise, enable the partnership to frame risks and communicate with clients and investors. The founders bring over 30 years of combined real estate experience.